DeFi Mortgages for all Crypto Adaptors 🚀

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Smart Contract: 0x80aC19498e36d38a84CEcEe7159EeBEBcca6A99D

How PawnDex Works

PAWN is a hub for peer-to-peer (P2P) loans backed by digital assets. Use your coins (DAI, LINK, APE, etc.) or NFTs (CryptoPunks, BAYC, etc.) as collateral, or invest in loans and generate attractive returns. Just PWN it! BTW: There’s no risk of liquidation before the loan expires.

Our mission at PAWNDEX is to empower developers to build without limits, so we can all easily access and benefit from a decentralised future.


Self-Custody & Security

Empower investors’ full control over their assets, trace all activities, and secure them on the blockchain. Only investors can withdraw their own funds.

Breakthrough DeFi Limitations

Managing funds in DeFi may be challenging (lack of comprehensive trading tools, technical integration barriers, scattered liquidity, etc.) PAWN overcomes these barriers for you.

Self-managed Fund

nvestors can self-manage their own funds through PAWN’s user-friendly interface. Your funds are deposited in the pools, securely written with smart contracts.

Airdrop & Presale


Presale End on

Listing CEX at December 20, 2023.
Listing Price : 1 $PAWN = 3 USD

Address Contract

Claim 700 $PAWN


Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 1,500 PAWN

Max Buy 5 BNB = 750,000 PAWN

BUYGet Ref Link Copy

PAWN DEX Features


Swap Engine API

Swap any token at the best rate. Swap Engine API scans & searches through millions of pools and possible swap routes in milliseconds. Our API simplifies different DEX APIs into one, across multiple networks.

Reflection Token

Earn more $PAWN with transactions made by other holders. $PAWN holders earn as high as 5% from every transactions carried out on the network no matter how much $PAWN an individual holds.

Decentralized, Unified

Focus better on building your core features. Our API abstract the complexity of hundreds of protocols and millions of liquidity pools into unified APIs that are consistent across multi-chain and make your code future-proof.

$PAWN Distribution


- 100,000,000 $PAWN Total Supply

- 29,000,000 $PAWN Burned 🔥

- 8,400,000 $PAWN Liquidity Funding 🔐

- 4,200,000 $PAWN Initial Liquidity 🔐

- Token Symbol: PAWN

- Buy Fee: 3% Marketing, 2% Reflection

- Sell Fee: 3% Marketing, 2% Reflection


The project schedule
  • PLAN Phase 1

    - Logo And Sticker Design;
    - Open Social Media Accounts;
    - Website launch;
    - Whitelist competition;
    - Youtube marketing;
    - Shill to earn program;
    - Partnership with calls community and pinksale tier 1 partners;
    - Pinksale presale;
    - PinkSale Trending;
  • LAUNCH Phase 2

    - Launch on Pancakeswap;
    - CMC Listing;
    - CG Listing;
    - Dexview Trending;
    - TOP 1/7 BSC trending;
    - More calls with telegram communities;
    - Buybot in closed groups;
    - AveDex Listing;
    - DexTools Upgrade;
    - Weiboo and WeChat Asian Marketing;
    - Binance Live AMA;
    - Bsc Gems;
    - Partners Army's Groups;
  • PROGRESS Phase 3

    - Launch PAWN Token on PAWN Network;
    - Alpha Group for holders, more details to be announced;
    - Influencer campaign;
    - Dex Agreggator in BSC, more rewards for holders;
  • RUN Phase 4

    - Certik Audit;
    - Bridge dapp on mainnet;
    - Big marketing (marketing campaign phase 2);
    - Youtube marketing;
  • MOON Phase 5

    - Exchange listing;
    - Increase marketing;
    - Create a pool stake;
    - Youtube marketing;


The Best Partnership in the World

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